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Beeline Teen Vitamin D3 + Multivitamin
Beeline Teen Vitamin D3 + Multivitamin

Beeline Teen Vitamin D3 + Multivitamin



Research has indicated that many Irish teenagers are at risk of low Vitamin D. This raspberry flavoured chewable tablet for teenagers, provides a daily allowance of Vitamin D plus other key vitamins to boost the nutritional needs of teenagers. Vitamin D supports the normal growth and development of bone, muscle and teeth while other vitamins help cognitive function, immune support and contribute to healthy hair, nails, skin and energy levels.

Proposed Protective against Covid-19

Studies have shown that people with low vitamin D levels have a higher risk of acute respiratory tract infection and community-acquired pneumonia. There are also a significant number of studies which have indicated that vitamin D supplementation may reduce the likelihood of acute respiratory tract infection, and decrease its severity and duration where such infection does occur, this may include Covid-19. The research highlights the key role of vitamin D in the body’s immune response to fight infection.It also emphasises the importance of an increasing intake while staying at home.

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