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Our Services

​Tully's totalhealth Pharmacy are happy to offer a range of health services such as:

Blood pressure monitoring 
We are happy to organise your prescription into a daily and weekly blister service for your convenience and at no extra charge.

Morning After Pill (Emergency Hormonal Contraception) We provide emergency contraception in a discreet, sensitive manner in a confidential setting. Our Pharmacist is available to advise you on the all the types of contraception that are available.  If purchasing over the counter medicines or receiving prescribed medicines you should always let your pharmacist know if you are taking or using any form of hormonal contraception. Some medicines interfere with the actions of the hormones in the contraceptives and may prevent them from working properly, increasing the risk of becoming pregnant.

Weight Management:  In conjunction with trying to recommend the best lifestyle changes for you, your local Tullys Pharmacy will be happy be recommend the most suitable of products currently available to help you reach your goals. We can help to monitor your progress and offer our advice and support. 

Smoking Cessation: Quitting smoking may be the single most positive thing you do to improve your health. There is no age barrier to quitting, and anyone who stops smoking can enjoy many health and lifestyle benefits. We in totalhealth pharmacies have a specially designed Smoking Cessation programme that our Smoking Cessation Advisors follow. We understand that quitting smoking is a very difficult thing for a person to do and we want to assure them that our programme is designed to support them every step of the way. We encourage our customers who want to embark on the journey of quitting to call in and talk to our Smoking Cessation Advisors and get started. We use a combination of an initial consultation, agreeing a date, a pre-Quit consultation, first week support, follow up consultations to help our patients succeed.

STI Screening
Sti Screening doesn't have to be scary. Our staff will look after you ensuring a total confidentiality.

Diabetes Management: Living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is challenging. Our trained staff can offer support and advice on blood glucose meters, lifestyle and diet.

Compression Hosiery: Our Pharmacist is trained to find the best support stockings to fit and suit you. They will measure your legs to ensure that the correct style, size and type of compression or support stockings is selected. Support stockings improve circulation by encouraging the blood to flow up towards the heart.  Call in to the pharmacy to ensure that you have the best support stocking for your needs.

Ostomy Care: Tully's totalhealth Pharmacy can supply all the necessary equipment needed including: pouch systems or ostomy bags, barrier rings.  

Free Blister Packing Service: We are happy to organise your prescription into a daily and weekly blister service for your convenience and at no extra charge.

Free Prescription Collection and Delivery Service: No need to be without your medication if you have no transport. We provide a free delivery service to our customers.

Medication Usage Reviews (MUR's): From time to time, and particularly if you are being treated for a number of ailments, you may wish to review your medication. The Pharmacist is happy to assist with this and if any concerns are raised, may advise that you contact your doctor.

Private Consultation Area: We provide private room for an advice in a confidential environment.

Flu Vaccination: Protect yourself and your family with a flu vaccine.

Supplements: We strive to provide a large and diverse range of health products and vitamins to supplement healthy lifestyle choices. We have a wide variety of supplement brands including Sona, Avogel, Vitabiotics, Quest, Revive Active and Pharmanord to choose from, amongst many others. Whatever your request, we strive to provide the solution. If we don't have it in store, please ask us and we will try our very best to source it for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to avail of any of our services or if you have any queries. As always, our advice is free!